What’s All This, Then?

This is a webpage Jennifer… a webpage.

Thanks, Ryan, that was super helpful!

Seriously, though, we know you want to know what’s going on with the wedding, so this is the FAQ.

  • Where/When is this shindig?

Where: At our house! 6215 SE Flavel Street, Portland, OR
When: June 11, 2016, 3 p.m.

  • How do we get to said shindig?

We will, at some point, have a fancy widget here that will help you map things, but until WordPress stops being frustrating & inane, we recommend GoogleMaps or calling us & we’ll give you personalized directions.

  • What if we can’t make it?

We will set up some sort of streaming service so far-away friends can watch in real-time. More information will be provided about how to access that link when we figure out the details. There will also be a reception in Ohio.

  • What if I want to give you a present?

We’ve been living on our own as adults for over a decade, and we have quite a lot of household stuff already. We’re hosting this shindig to celebrate, not to get stuff from the people we love. We are really, really, REALLY okay with not getting gifts. That said, if you insist, we have a family amazon wishlist, carefully curated by us to include those items that, were they to find their way into our homes, would bring us joy.

If you’re coming to the Ohio reception, and you want to get us a gift, please do not bring it with you, unless it is small enough to fit in a purse (e.g. a target gift card or similar). We won’t be able to bring large gifts back with us to Oregon. Again, we don’t expect people to give us gifts, but if you are coming to the Ohio reception and feel like etiquette demands it of you, please use the Amazon wishlist so gifts will be sent to our home and we don’t have to spend family time in Ohio at the post office.

  • I’m coming from far enough away that I need somewhere to stay while I’m in Portland; can I crash with you guys?

Alas, we don’t have space for everyone to stay with us. We recommend cost-sharing with other guests by renting a house via AirBnB or VRBO. Email wedding@loveisgross.us if you want to coordinate with other guests to share a rental.

  • What about a block of rooms at a hotel?

We don’t have enough out-of-town guests to get a block of rooms at a hotel, but Jen has stayed at the Red Lion at Jantzen Beach, the Holiday Inn at the Airport, and the DoubleTree at Lloyd Center, and they are all very nice places to stay. Keep in mind that mid-June is graduation season, so booking a room now is a good idea – don’t wait until the last minute!

  • There wasn’t a space on the RSVP card to choose my meal! What if I want chicken or fish? What if I’m vegetarian or gluten-free?

Have no fear! Local Lebanese restaurant Hoda’s is providing catering, buffet-style. We’ve chosen entrees and side dishes with various dietary needs in mind (including our own). There will be something that you can eat, we promise. As for dessert, in addition to the fresh fruit platter being provided by Hoda’s, we have arranged to get bite-sized pies from Pacific Pie in a variety of flavors.