Some People Just Have Brunch

It’s become a bit of a tradition for the couple to join their guests the following day for a brunch.

While we love brunch as a concept, we are not traditionalists.

Jen has gotten super involved in the neighborhood over the last year, co-chairing the neighborhood association, attending meetings of organizations that are trying to improve the area, and participating in social events. Sometimes Ryan tags along, because he is a patient and supportive partner.

That said, on┬áJune 12, the day after we get married, there’s a neighborhood event and we would LOVE if you all would join us. Some of the members of the neighborhood organization are painting a mural on an intersection – a project that is a long time coming & represents a lot of love, time, and planning (much like a wedding).

The Ogden Street Mural Project is where we’ll be in the morning after the wedding. Hope to see y’all there!


Jen & Ryan