so *that* happened

We did it!

It was charming and sweet and funny and home-spun.

There were friends and family representing every stage of our lives.

We filmed the whole shebang.

We danced and we laughed and we had an amazing time. The people at the Moose Lodge said it was the best wedding they had ever seen. No one had ever put a veil on their moose before (that was Ryan’s dad’s idea).

Afterward, a few intrepid folks gathered around a fire pit we borrowed from the neighbor, and drank and ate and talked and laughed well into the night.

We couldn’t have asked for a better celebration, or one that was more representative of us as individuals and as a couple.

Thank you all for being with us on this journey. Professional photos will be up soon.

We love you all, so very much.


Jen & Ryan

Like, Rain, on like, Your Wedding Day

One of the reasons we picked June 11 as our wedding day was because, for many years, there has been no rain on June 11 in this part of Oregon.

This year? This year the forecast calls for 65% chance of rain, and that likelihood just keeps going up.

We tried sourcing canopies & tents & other shelters, but bottom line was that wasn’t going to work. We had to scrap the “backyard” part of “we’re getting married in our backyard” and replace it with something roofed.

But where? On 3 days’ notice?

The community center down the block? Booked. The community centers in the three closest neighborhoods to us? Booked. A church? Not an option for so many reasons. And then, on our way to pick up our marriage license, an idea struck: the Moose Lodge.

A quick call, a meeting with Dan the guy in charge, and the deal is done. The building is undergoing renovations, it’s not the prettiest location, but it’s clean & dry & they have tables & chairs & a bartender for us. It’s only slightly more than what renting tables & chairs was going to cost anyway, and they’re happy to have us.

Our wedding ceremony photos will be of us under a giant taxidermied moose head. Because of course they will.


Jen & Ryan

P.S. The Moose Lodge is at 50th & Flavel, about 12 blocks from our house. If you need directions, you can get them here:

Some People Just Have Brunch

It’s become a bit of a tradition for the couple to join their guests the following day for a brunch.

While we love brunch as a concept, we are not traditionalists.

Jen has gotten super involved in the neighborhood over the last year, co-chairing the neighborhood association, attending meetings of organizations that are trying to improve the area, and participating in social events. Sometimes Ryan tags along, because he is a patient and supportive partner.

That said, on June 12, the day after we get married, there’s a neighborhood event and we would LOVE if you all would join us. Some of the members of the neighborhood organization are painting a mural on an intersection – a project that is a long time coming & represents a lot of love, time, and planning (much like a wedding).

The Ogden Street Mural Project is where we’ll be in the morning after the wedding. Hope to see y’all there!


Jen & Ryan